I am a multifaceted individual with a wide range of skills and interests, constantly exploring various disciplines. After obtaining my BA in Business Management, I embarked on a dynamic career spanning from advertising and PR to entertainment, gaining valuable experience across different departments. Driven by a profound fascination with artistic processes, I made the decision to venture into the realm of fashion design, retraining myself and establishing my own fashion label in 2009. Over the years, I actively participated in numerous projects, festivals, and shows, continually pushing the boundaries of my creativity.

I pursued an MA in Critical Fashion Practices from ArtEZ in the Netherlands to deepen my understanding of fashion and its critical aspects. Equipped with this comprehensive education, I now thrive as a lecturer and workshop facilitator, eagerly sharing my wealth of experiences and knowledge in artistic research. Simultaneously, I excel in managing and coordinating diverse projects, applying my expertise to ensure their successful execution.

Beneath the surface, I am a curious and intellectually adventurous individual, passionately dedicated to continuous learning and exploration in diverse fields. My insatiable curiosity fuels my journey as a polymath, enabling me to accumulate a versatile skill set that serves as an open-source toolkit. My goal is to inspire others and be inspired myself, fostering the transformation we all yearn for.

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